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A Blantyre wedding is a very special and unique occasion, and may be formal or casually elegant, often created around a brunch, dinner or cocktail reception. As a full service venue, your entire wedding program may be arranged on property. From the rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception and farewell brunch, we will completely personalize all of your arrangements.

Unlike other area venues whose selections limit you to a pre-determined wedding package, every event at Blantyre is customized to the individual tastes and needs of the bride and groom. Whether a seated dinner for 120 guests, a tented affair for 250 or a cocktail reception for 400, we will match the details of your event to the ideal location on our property. Our on-site wedding professional will guide you through each decision, from custom floral arrangements and table linens to the after-party menu of late night treats – every selection may be entirely of your choosing, with no two ever the same. And, with just one wedding held at this five star hotel each day, our focus is entirely on your event.

For more information on your event please contact us at events@blantyre.com or 413.637.3556